Dustex Emissions Controls System - Montana


Phoenix Industrial worked with Dustex Corporation to perform site work, installed 220-each 30” diameter auger-cast piles and constructed foundations for the Baghouse, Cyclone, Scrubber, ID Fan, and the Drive-thru Dust Loadout Facility. We self-performed all phases of the installation, including: Structural Steel for the 110’ tall main building, the 60’ tall cyclone structure and the 80’ tall dust load-out facility. Mechanical System Installation for the Dust Bin, Reagent Silo, Airslides and Recycle Feed Systems. Piping for the Reagent Injection, High-Pressure Water, Waste Conveyance and the Compressed Air Electrical Power and Controls for the MV Fan VFD, LV & MV MCCs, lighting, grounding, network communications and checkout. Power monitoring systems and Emissions compliance testing equipment was also installed. Testing and Checkout of the various systems, prior to annual maintenance outage. All work was performed in an operating facility, with no interruptions to their production schedules.