Nevada Cement


Nevada Cement Company required an upgraded environmental controls system at their cement production facility inFernley, NV. Phoenix Industrial along with partner Dustex, manufactured and installed a new pollution control system.Construction consisted of installation of bag-houses, ID fans, ducting, exhaust stacks, mercury scrubbers, associatedmechanical piping and electrical equipment. The primary purpose of this new equipment was to clean the flue gasproduced from the two cement kilns onsite. This project was schedule sensitive and included a shut-down of one kilnfor the majority of the project so work on the pollution control equipment could be done while keeping the only kilnon-line. Work for the first kiln included demolition of an aging bag-house structure which included asbestos abatementalong with complicated rigging due to the location. Upon completion of the work at the first kiln, it was restarted allowingcement production to continue. The second kiln was brought off-line and the construction process was repeated with anaccelerated schedule. Phoenix self-performed all of the specialized trades including electrical, steel erection, equipmentinstallation, industrial piping and concrete.