SATCO Sulphuric Acid Tank Terminal


This project was built for the Sulphuric Acid Trading Company, Inc. (SATCO) based out of Tampa, FL, and owned by Sumitomo Corporation of America. SATCO is part of Sumitomo’s Interacid Trading S.A. Global Business Group. The new terminal was constructed in the Port of Stockton in Stockton, California and was awarded to Phoenix Industrial as an EPC contract. The terminal receives concentrated (98%) sulfuric acid by bulk ship transport from Asian suppliers and transports the acid from a custom berth to a 4 million gallon (28,000 tonnes) custom, site-built storage tank. From storage, the terminal can be configured to ship concentrated acid off-site by railcar, truck, or back to ship. Concentrated acid is diluted in a custom dilution system to lower concentrations and then stored in a smaller custom, site-built storage tank. Dilute acid is then shipped off-site by railcar, truck or back to ship.